Dexin Hardware Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr. Thomas Tan, Mr Ben Pit and Mr Simon Wong  in June 2016 to provide retails hardwares and building materials. All co-owners are from different backgrounds but they share one goal: to create a brand that is not only focused on product quality but also strongly believe that “innovation” and “after sales services” is the way to go.

As a small independent hardware store that started from scratch. Dexin hardware first operated out of a 1,300-square-foot bare shop-lot unit. It has now moved to an refurbished and dedicated 22,000-square-foot 2 storeys retail headquarters in Kampung Cheras Baru, with one hardware store in Lembah Maju, Cheras and 2 factory unit as our building material storage areas. We’ve grown from a 4-persons company to a 60 persons organization today. Famous brands such as Nippon Paint, Larfarge, Bosch, Karcher, Stanley, Deka, Vitally, Joven, Johnson Suisse, Jaquar, and others are among our collaboration partners.

Mr Ben, the founder, saw a long-term development opportunity in building materials, therefore Dexin Hardware began with building materials and gradually expanded and diversified to include hardware and sanitary ware. The founder was a firm believer in the concept of a one-stop solution store and was well aware of the market’s ever-changing needs. From there, we gradually improved our business’s value.

Our Key Persons

To be the leading one stop solution hardware and sanitary-ware experts in Klang Valley.

We aspire to be the leader in the hardware and sanitary-ware retailing and distribution by providing one stop solutions. Through years of aggressive marketing and with an extensive list of products (hardware and sanitary ware supply) and endless customer support, hence we have established collaborative relationships with our customer. With that, we believed that the idea of one-stop solution concept store is today’s ever-changing demands.

We aspire to attract the best talent that fits our culture to be the leader in hardware industry by providing integrated 360° solutions online and offline through in-store retailing, social media platform and e-commerce.

To nurture forward thinking experts and cultivate a culture creative, innovative and professional passion. We were showing no signs of stopping for business expansion, and to continue collaborate with business partners to strive more brands, and a more complete of product series just to assure a high level of satisfaction for all range of customer be it end users or contractors.